The bee colony lives in the bottom two boxes and builds the comb from the bottom up. The worker bees (which are all female) gather pollen and nectar from every plant they can—in Big Sur, they have access to a menu that includes huckleberry, dandelion, lupine, rosemary, fennel, and even poison oak. During spring bloom, […]

Chef’s Knife

Cooking Equipment

We believe that the caliber of your equipment can affect the quality of your cooking. But there’s no need to go crazy—outfitting your kitchen doesn’t require breaking the bank. Our essentials: a chef’s knife, paring knife, sharpening stone, and cast-iron pan. If you’re a serious dessert person, throw in an electric mixer and an ice […]

Cooking Techniques

Choose your cooking technique based on your raw ingredients — different foods benefit from different methods. For example, large cuts of meat full of connective tissue need to be cooked slowly over a long period of time to break down their fiber and make them easier to chew, whereas ripe fresh berries are best simply […]